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I Love My Melody

You heard me.
She has been my childhood icon long since I could remember. I first fell in love with her when I was 7 years old and my mom (as a surprise gift) gave me a My Melody Plush Toy. It wasn't fuzzy, but it was silky, cold (like the other side of your pillow), and soft. I loved it to death and it was one of my first stuffed toys. Since then, Hello Kitty was incredibly popular...I'm not a big fan of Hello Kitty.

My mom left to go to the Philippines for one month, and she just came back today. To my surprise...SHE GOT ME MY MELODY STUFF. 8D

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Digi comics

D: My fail attempt at comics.
I'm not a very funny person.
I'm the sort of person, where when I tell a joke, crickets are rubbing their legs together.
People are like ".....Haha...?"

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Hngh. I want to change my style so much. ;3;

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100 Themes

Yeah yeah. You guys see this list everywhere. xD
How many of you have actually finished it?
I'm gonna kill myself and do 100 drabbles, comics, and art pieces.
Because I want to write better.
Because I want to make comics.
Because I want to do some art. :]
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